Day 399: G!

Posted: 2011/12/14 in Indie Games

Possibly the shortest title in the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, and definitely the shortest name of any game I’ve yet reviewed, “G!” is a collect-’em-up/avoid-’em-up hybrid. Sort of like the pacifism mode from Geometry Wars 2 but with some neat additions, I found this game very engaging and worth its 80 Microsoft Points.

You start out simply enough, collecting green stuff. As you collect your multiplier goes higher. Soon enough block holes appear and try to suck you in, and should they touch you you’ll lose 33% of what you’ve collected. Comets appear, and if they hit you you’ll lose a set amount of your collection. The black holes also attract each other, making them move around the map. Eventually empty zones appear that are completely unpassable, and make it more difficult to navigate. None of the game’s elements haven’t been done before in other games, but the specific collection of them here strikes me as unique. The euro beat music is perfect, it controls well, and I really enjoyed it.

Here’s what the developer (Altered Reality) has to say about the game:

“G! is a game based around the forces of Gravity. Collect Tokens while avoiding being hit by Comets and getting sucked into Gravity Wells! Challenge your friends with 4 player local multiplayer! Master all the Accomplishments to unlock the punishing ex7r3m3 difficulty mode! Only the most skilled players have a chance! Do you and your friends have what it takes?!”


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