Day 401: Vizati

Posted: 2011/12/16 in Indie Games

Now this is an enjoyable game to watch. “Vizati”has an extremely interesting art style, almost like a story is slowly playing out as you solve sliding block puzzles. Unlike most match-3+ puzzle games, you don’t have a huge array of blocks to match, just a small number that you need to bring together to clear the level. You can push them around a bit, but the real fun comes from flipping and spinning the grid to make them fall (hopefully) into your desired place. This game is worth 80 Microsoft Points on its art style and early levels alone, the multiple modes and long line of levels for each is simply a bonus.

Here’s what the developer (Blitz1UP) has to say about the game:

“Put your mind to the test in Vizati. Rotate a magical cube & connect the colored stones in a limited number of moves. Use gravity to connect the stones by rotating and flipping the cube 50 Story Mode levels follow Julie and Peter who discovered the Vizati cube. Arcade Mode for a rawer, faster experience. Rich hand drawn HD art Beautiful music 2 Arcade Modes with special Vizati stones”

  1. The presentation of this game is lovely. Yet another game that I’d probably never have even noticed without WMD’s guidance.

  2. David Amador says:

    Just a quick correction, the developer is actually Different Pixel, Blitz1UP is the publisher.
    Thanks for the review :)

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