Day 404: Motorbike Stunt Agent Julie

Posted: 2011/12/19 in Indie Games

“Motorbike Stunt Agent Julie” plays a bit like a secret agent take on Kikstart II (or, Excitebike, if you prefer). You’re shooting enemies with an absurdly powerful handheld weapon *while* doing jumps and flips on your nitrus-equipped motorbike. Two great things that go great together.

For a game like this to be great, the controls must be fluid, and thankfully they are. The game is fully voice acted, and a lot of it’s actually pretty good. Mission objectives are mixed up a bit, and the scoring system offers some replay value by giving you more points for targets destroyed while airborne and even replenishing health if your airborne antics are sufficiently impressive. While there isn’t a lot of variety in the music or level graphics, doing a huge jump and blowing stuff up left, right, and centre before you land is so rewarding that you hardly care. It’s not at all hard to get your 80 Microsoft Points out of “Motorbike Stunt Agent Julie”. All in all a pretty amazing title.

Here’s what the developer (Mattini Games) has to say about the game:

“MSA Julie features a novel combination of two-stick-shooter and motorbike racing game. While helping the French agent Julie Cevoir on her hunt for super villain Dr. Kreutzer you have to master bike physics while clearing the way off enemies. In twenty increasingly challenging missions preceded by an extensive tutorial the story is told in professionally recorded dialogs and comic stills.”


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