Day 405: Hideout!

Posted: 2011/12/20 in Indie Games

Imagine a game that’s a cross between the Dreamcast classic “Floigan Bros.”, and the hiding-under-cardboard-box stealth component of Metal Gear Solid. “Hideout!” is that game.

You’re hiding under a box from aliens who are trying to abduct your friends from your neighbourhood. Power-ups in the game are sufficiently imaginitive for the motif of the game, and add real personality to the game. Your box suffers wear-and-tear as you progress through the level, and you have to avoid the alien spotlights as you try to puzzle your way through each level to your vulnerable friends. The game has (as far as I can tell) procedurally-generated levels for near infinite variety. Definitely worth a trial download, and (for me) an 80 Microsoft Point purchase.

Here’s what the developer (Allen Pestaluky) has to say about the game:

“Compete for high scores in this addictive arcade-adventure game by rescuing as many friends as you can from the neighbourhood alien invasion! Progress through infinite levels and use imaginative powerups to sneak past the circling UFOs and save the day!”

  1. Definitely worth a try. I’m fond of procedurally generated games.

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