Day 407: Run Rectangle! Jump! Shoot!

Posted: 2011/12/22 in Indie Games

Read any gaming forum online, and you’ll have people who swear by great gameplay and say graphics are less important. “Run Rectangle! Jump! Shoot!” tests that theory, as it has fantastic gameplay under extremely rudimentary visuals.

The gameplay is a mixture of platforming and dual-stick shooting. Enemies are blocky, but the game still has a lot of neat ideas such as minecarts, rails to climb, and much more, all paired up with the ever-present twin-stick shooter elements. While the graphics are anything but elegant, the way the game teaches you how to play is extremely well done. If you can’t look past the graphics then save your 80 Microsoft Points, but if you can look past them (or maybe even find them charming) then this is 80 Microsoft Points very well spent. And I personally think the game’s title is refreshingly awesome, as it unabashedly embraces its simplistic graphics.

Here’s what the developer (Apoxxle) has to say about the game:

“Run through hazardous levels, jump to avoid objects that would otherwise harm you, and shoot the many many enemies who want you dead for no real reason. Sidescrolling action with the left stick, 360 degree shooting with the right stick. Features medals and unlockable bonus levels (and yes it is possible to beat it without getting hit, good luck though).”

  1. Alan C says:

    Having been without internet for two weeks, I have a lot of catching up to do here. It’s almost like the good old days!

    As an advocate of the ‘gameplay over presentation’ school, I should give this a go. I think my insistence on continuing to play Pirates on the NES qualifies me, but still…I should put my resolve to the test.

    • Did you ever give this one a try? Or That Orange Guy, for that matter?

      • I downloaded the trial versions of both, but then found myself distracted having won 18 games in competitions, followed by being struck down by illness and rendered unable to play. I’ll report in once my head settles down enough for me to play them.

  2. Hmm, now I’ve tried it I find the game decent but flawed. The graphics aren’t a problem at all. They even have a certain charm to them. I think the control is a bit clumsy, and that’s what harmed my experience the most. Decent, but probably not enough so for me to spend money on.

    That Orange Guy is a different story…

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