Day 409: Ricochet Assassin

Posted: 2011/12/24 in Indie Games

If you’re tired of limiting your stick-figure gaming to Hangman, then “Ricochet Assassin” may be the game you need. The game tasks you completing levels by having one stick figure shoot the other in the head with an arrow. Yes, headshots are mandatory for clearing levels, but hitting the body will produce copious amounts of blood from the stick figure (I’m not sure where the stick figure stores it all!).

The levels, as you would expect, start simple but quickly ramp up in difficulty, with you having to shoot and richochet the arrow through increasingly complex obstacle courses, sort of like a side-view version of mini golf. The game is perhaps not for those who hate the sight of blood, though the fact that it’s stick-figure blood may mitigate it for many. An easy 80 Microsoft Point purchase for me, as finding ways to bank the shots off of all matter of obstacles is a lot of fun.

Here’s what the developer (TheJKer) has to say about the game:

“Ricochet Assassin is a hybrid of Bowman where you have to ricochet arrows off of walls and objects to assassinate your target. Play through 30 levels of insane ricochets or play against a friend in 10 multiplayer Levels.”


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