Day 410: Divided Combat

Posted: 2011/12/25 in Indie Games

This is another game I somehow missed the first time I was trolling through the indie games channel. “Divided Combat” turns tower defence on its head by not only making your placement and upgrades fully real time, but also by basing it around placement of mobile soldiers rather than stationary turrets. Some tropes of the genre are still present, the developer didn’t fully throw the baby out with the bathwater, as you can place some fortifications (mostly walls to protect your troops).

There are no obstacles save for the ones you place in the enemies’ way, so it’s a bit like a combat game construction kit. And that’s a good thing, IMO. 80 Microsoft Points is well worth a game that experiments and offers something different.

Here’s what the developer (K73SK) has to say about the game:

“Fight up to 100 waves of non-stop chaos! Divided Combat takes a unique form of a tower defense genre where you are protecting an HQ from attacking enemies. Like any other tower defense game, you use a store to create your fighting troops. Come up with a strategy early, or you may not last long enough!”


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