Day 412: XMAS Taxi

Posted: 2011/12/27 in Indie Games

I’m going to indulge myself here with a review of “XMAS Taxi”. The sequel to “Astro Taxi”, and the predecessor of “Astro Taxi 2”, XMAS Taxi has you playing through 24 holiday-themed levels. By all appearances it’s based on the Astro Taxi 1 engine, but I enjoyed it a good deal. The 24 levels seem sufficient value for money for 80 Microsoft Points, if you’re into the series.

The gameplay, inspired by Commodore 64 classic Space Taxi, has you picking up passengers, fighting gravity, and navigating through treacherous levels to get them to their respective Christmas parties. You get bigger fares if you get them there quickly, and don’t land too roughly. The gameplay is simple enough, but surprisingly compelling given the simple presentation. It’s definitely worth a look for people who are all about the gameplay, rather than the graphics.

Here’s what the developer (FifaKane) has to say about the game:

“XMAS Taxi is the sequel to “Astro Taxi”, a 2D flying game where you have been engaged as the first pilot of the brand-new and experimental Astro Taxi (YEAH!). XMAS Taxi brings you 24 new levels, a wicked XMAS cap and the challenge to bring your customers right on time to their XMAS party”


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