Day 413: Jungle (Animal Chess)

Posted: 2011/12/28 in Indie Games

“Jungle (Animal Chess)” is based on a traditional Chinese board game, and mixes ideas of both Checkers (short-range piece movement) with Chess (units of varying powers). What I like about it is that the rock/paper/scissors (if you prefer, add lizard/spock) combat actually wraps around the scale, so that the only animal that can defeat the 8-point-rated Elephant, is the 1-point-rated Rat. Some animals also have the ability to jump over water, which gives you offensive options and is something to be mindful of on defence. Even just a couple of games ought to get your 80 Microsoft Points of value out of it, and it supports both solo play and offline multiplayer, and the availability of different boards enhances both.

Here’s what the developer (omega797) has to say about the game:

“Jungle is a traditional Chinese board game that takes minutes to learn and months to master. A game of Jungle is a quick match compared to other strategy boardgames, yet there is great depth in its handful of playing pieces. Features new boards expanding on the classic gameplay, luscious artwork, and a sweeping soundtrack. Jungle is an adventure for thinkers of all ages”

  1. andregurov says:

    I recently picked this one up and am loving it. The game is surprisingly complex – there are few humbling experiences like playing a match and instantly realizing you made a tactical mistake – and the AI is well programmed. The graphics aren’t much to look at but the gameplay is dynamite, even if matches can be very brief (sometimes); this is really a well-buried surprise on XBLIG. Thanks for bringing my attention to it!

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