Day 415: VEXIS (Buckshot Games)

Posted: 2011/12/30 in Indie Games

Here’s one game where there’s little confusion about who created it: “VEXIS (Buckshot Games)”. I guess if “radiangames” can put their name in the title, why can’t Buckshot Games?

Gameplay has you spinning a playfield to manoeuvre a white block to a black hole. What makes it interesting are the special features, such as blocks that remain stationary for a few seconds after each spin, block that disappear and subsequently reappear, and more. It’s these that elevate it above being just a run of the mill puzzle game, and makes it something you’ll likely find compelling. Only 80 Microsoft Points, and worth every one.

Here’s what the developer (Buckshot Games) has to say about the game:

“Vexis is an easy-to-learn puzzle game. All you need to do is move the white block into the black block. Simple, right? Good luck beating all 33 of these levels… you’ll need it.”


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