Day 418: HexChess 360

Posted: 2012/01/02 in Indie Games

Some games are brilliant, but aren’t for everyone. So it is with “HexChess 360”, a game that’s awesome for puzzle and board game fans, but maybe not for the hardcore died-in-the-wool chess fan. What makes the game brilliant is that it does something very different, and nicely offers variations on its theme as well. It takes chess out of the blocky era into the hex era, which any player of modern board games (Settlers of Catan, and many others) or Civilisation V will tell you allows for more natural movement and new realms of strategy

It does, however, fundamentally change the game, and the chess purists will find it unrecognisable, almost blasphemous. For those looking for something new, or who don’t feel beholden to traditional chess, that’s fantastic. So HexChess 360 is a no-brainer 80 MSP purchase for the latter group, and a try-before-you-buy caution for the former group. I’m in the second group (people open to something new and interesting) and more than ready to spend a dollar on something new and, theoretically, better.

Here’s what the developer (JimmyFo) has to say about the game:

“Play chess as you’ve never played it before! With six sides to each tile, more pieces and larger boards of up to 91 tiles, the game is more complex than a square, 64 piece board. Play against your friends on the same XBox with one or two controllers, or play against three different AI difficulties. Three different versions of board and gameplay available!”


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