Day 420: BloodyCheckers

Posted: 2012/01/04 in Indie Games

Now this was a pleasant surprise. “BloodyCheckers” takes checkers and wraps it in an adventure-game covering, resulting in an amazing experience that sells for only 80 Microsoft Points, but would easily command 800+ MSP on Xbox Live Arcade, with compelling gameplay and strong production values. The game goes beyond basic checkers with the ability to set traps on the boards, and special attacks that you can play against pieces. Remember Archon which took chess in a new direction? This does that for checkers.

You play an adventurer exploring a dungeon, and the game even has a levelling component. Finding an enemy triggers a game of checkers against an interesting range of characters. And did I mention that other beings in the dungeon take the form of haunted paintings? The coin you earn playing games of checkers can be used to earn items that help you explore the dungeon, such as keys for doors, flint stones that re-light candles, harps to find hidden rooms, and oil to keep your candle burning.

What more can I say? It looks good, plays well, has competitive AI, and more. This is a must-buy if you’ve ever enjoyed a game even peripherally related to this game’s various play mechanics.

Here’s what the developer (BigCorporation) has to say about the game:

“This Medieval Game emerged from the dark ages to settle violent matters in a more civilized way…. Work your way through this 3D adventure, rescue the Queen, and play against 20 members of the royal family. Explore the Castle. Level up. Learn spells. Purchase traps. Play online. Destroy your opponent in the most violent game of checkers ever seen. *Rage Quitting fully supported.”

  1. Alan C says:

    I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by Bloody Checkers. I originally tried it just because I was curious as to how draughts (as it’s known here) could be bloody. It turned out to be a lot of fun and surprisingly deep. The castle exploration element reminds me a little of Shadowgate, in a good way.

    • bigeasyman says:

      Yup, the game is really nicely done. I can’t wait to see the response once the Update (DLC) has been released by Microsoft.

  2. bigeasyman says:

    There is an Update (DLC or Mega-Patch) that literally doubles the size of the castle, adds scary creatures you can kill, tons more treasure….more NPC’s to play and some amazing equipable items including a new compass and magic harp.

    And now when you search and join a multiplayer lobby you can see what other gamers are doing in the castle – live.

    • This is another game where the developer gets tremendous credit for the post-release updates. It’s wonderful to see, especially for a game that was already quite polished and is being offered very inexpensively. It certainly seems like a labour of love.

  3. David Loves Sandy says:

    FYI update is now available and well worth the d/l!! I just updated my game of BloodyCheckers and the only thing I can say is WOW and still only 80ms pts!! This was a good game before but now it’s a great game. If anyone was waiting to buy this they need to buy it now if you ever played checkers in your life (who hasn’t) or if you like dungeon crawlers/RPG type games. Those that already own this need to revisit it. As for the main quest they added new textures to everything in the castle AND some surprises as well (hint: killing bats that scare you at first help you earn gold)! And they have added a whole new section where it teaches the finer art of checkers for anyone looking to go pro or just get better at the game so you can show off to your friends. Oh and there is a multiplayer available over Live that I’m not sure was there before (I play only single player games for the most part) This game is a steal now….get it before they increase the price. I bought it when it first came out and I’m so glad the update is out finally!

  4. David Loves Sandy says:

    Add this comment as well. I just played for about 30 mins now I started over to get the full effect of the update and I have now changed my star rating on this from 4 to 5 stars. The playbook alone is worth 80ms pts. (that is the teaching checkers section).

  5. David Loves Sandy says:

    If you want to read an article with the developer of this game here’s a link….lets you in on this guy and why this game is amazing.

    Sorry for all the post on this but I’m done now I think.

  6. bigeasyman says:

    I agree 100%, the Update which is being called a FREE (DLC) is really awesome, and makes the game feel like a new game !! Not sure why this game is $1 Dollar , 80 ms points is a total bargain…..and there seems to be a good connection between the developer and the people who play the game.

    • In a world of expensive downloadable content (DLC), including publishers charging to unlock DLC that they shipped *on the game disc*, the author behind BloodyCheckers is ridiculously generous. I recommend everyone buy the game just on the basis of that alone, this developer deserves to be supported. The fact that it’s an awesome game with high production values and a commitment to free content is just a bonus. If he had rolled out all those improvements in a new game called BloodyCheckers 2 and charged 80 points again, no one would have even blinked. He didn’t have to do it all for free. Part of me wishes he hadn’t, just so I could have bought it again. :)

  7. bigeasyman says:

    Apparently there is a very cool easter egg in BloodyCheckers, that was buried inside a crash screen involving a TV set and a cartoon….any word on that ?

  8. Hey thanks to “Writings of Mass Destruction” , for supporting Bloodycheckers and reviewing it. There is another update #6 coming out today or tomorrow with an added physics engine which allowd the player to kick and move stuff around including skulls, bones, and treasures. Also included is more multiplayer action and to complete uncompressed texture pack for the castle.

    Here is a FREE code for all your support….just guess the last letter !!

    DXYR3-KBPYW-KG8C3-44YJV-HP98* The Last Digit is Missing and It’s a Letter [A-Z]

    Simply enter into REDEEM code section on your xbox360

    Again, thanks for the continued support :)

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