Day 422: Pixelbit Helicopter Challenge

Posted: 2012/01/06 in Indie Games

21hP9RtVggUA refreshing revisiting of the helicopter levels from Dreamcast cult hit “Toy Commander,” “Pixelbit Helicopter Challenge” was an instantaneous buy for me.

The game offers replay value via speed/accuracy runs for higher medals, plus unlockable helicopters and levels. Goals change as you play through the game, and each helicopter has noticeably different properties. The cell-shaded presentation and levels that take place in varying rooms of the house are right out of the Toy Commander toolkit, and done extremely well. Each helicopter handles quite differently than the others, so proper helicopter selection makes a difference. For 80 Microsoft Points, I recommend it.

Here’s what the developer (Game Group) has to say about the game:

“Test your piloting skills in 30 challenges over 5 levels. Collect stars, fly through hoops, shoot targets, navigate touch pads and hover pads to gain awards to unlock more challenges and faster helicopters. Find out more at and follow us on Twitter @pixelbitgames”


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