Day 429: Acid Rain Heroes

Posted: 2012/01/13 in Indie Games

I enjoyed “Acid Rain”, and was pleased to trip over an improved sequel named “Acid Rain Heroes”.

They didn’t reinvent the wheel on this one, and with me having worked late today I won’t either. Please read my earlier review for the first “Acid Rain” to read about its innovative and unique gameplay, and know that “Acid Rain Heroes” adds multiplayer, including dynamic split screen co-op that merges the screen when the players are close together, and splits it again when they move far enough apart. The “Heroes” sequel nicely maintains the original’s 80 Microsoft Point price. Like the first, the survive-’em-up gameplay is violence free, but manages to be compelling. A no-brainer for those who liked the first game, or haven’t yet tried either.

Here’s what the developer (Allan Chaney) has to say about the game:

“Join a friend in Acid Rain Heroes, the sequel to Acid Rain. Featuring 2 Player co-op and auto switching split screen. A survival action adventure with 13 story and 3 challenge missions. A volcano erupts, raining fiery destruction! People are in peril, trapped in the valley by acid rain and volcanic rocks, seeking refuge in the forest and caves. Will you lead the rescue effort and become a hero?”


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