Day 431: Space Police on SuperHighway 9

Posted: 2012/01/15 in Indie Games

What if you took the cops & robbers element of recent Need For Speed games, but reimagined it as it would have been made in the era of the classic Spy Hunter? You’d get something similar to “Space Police on SuperHighway 9”.

Like Spy Hunter, it’s an always-scrolling affair where you’re trying to survive, and mete out Judge Dredd-style justice as you go. The game has a unique risk/reward system where driving fast actually heals your car, but correspondingly increases the odds of crashing it up too, and I’m a sucker for games with unique risk/reward systems. Controls and presentation are decent, and at 80 Microsoft Points it’s definitely worth checking out.

Here’s what the developer (HaikuInteractive) has to say about the game:

“Baddies. The scum of our Super Highways. Drunk drivers, high on Super Space Juice. Criminals, fleeing the scenes of their dastardly space crimes. Old ladies, blind without their Space Specs. Deal with them, Rookie, and restore Space Justice to Super Highway 9.”


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