Day 432: AXBY

Posted: 2012/01/16 in Indie Games

I reviewed a game a bit like this once before (a game that I can’t remember the name of, and is buried somewhere in the last 431 reviews), but “AXBY” has a flair all its own in any case. The game has you clearing the screen of bubbles, by tapping the corresponding face button (A, X, B, and Y, hence the title) to the colour of each bubble on screen, and you zoom to it to take it out. Bigger points can be arranged by good timing, and wiping out one colour before moving on to the next, but doing so successfully requires some manoeuvring. It’s a simple game that gets surprisingly addictive quickly. I found it to play out a lot better than any description would make it sound. For only 80 Microsoft Points, it’s definitely worth trying as it plays out more like an arena/action game than it does a puzzle game.

Here’s what the developer (naoking) has to say about the game:

“Please switch the attribute and destroy a lot of target. Let’s put out the Hi SCORE by your TECHNIQUE!”


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