Day 433: SIRTET

Posted: 2012/01/17 in Indie Games

“SIRTET” is a great game with an image problem. The game clearly derives inspiration from Tetris (heck, it’s name is “Tetris” spelled backwards). The description promises that it’s classic gameplay with a twist, but the description doesn’t explain what that twist is, or why you should value it. While at 240 Microsoft Points it is cheaper than the least expensive official Tetris game on the 360, but the difference isn’t huge (Tetris Splash on Xbox Live Arcade costs 400 Microsoft Points). So how are you to learn what distinguishes “SIRTET”? By reading on, of course.

What I like about “SIRTET” is that clearing lines builds points that you spend to upgrade/enhance the game. It has a list of unlockables, from aesthetic changes, to new game modes, and more. Some of the new unlockable/purchaseable content in the game include mirror modes (you literally play the game upside down, text and all), blocks that explode, and more. The list is relatively long, and there have been so many iterations of Tetris over the years it’s hard to say how many of them have graced the series at some point, but I certainly haven’t seen all of them yet so it seems there is some innovation here (a key component of any review for me, as I don’t review pure clones that add nothing to what inspired them).

You will, unfortunately, not be able to clear enough lines in the free trial to unlock the content that sets “SIRTET” apart, so this is a game you either buy as a competent and reasonably priced rendition of Tetris, or you buy it on faith that there’s cool new stuff lurking beneath. Either way, you’re getting a game that has local multiplayer, system link, and online play, so the developer’s made an effort to make it worth your 240 MSP. I really enjoyed it.

Here’s what the developer (Dec.) has to say about the game:

“Classic blocky gameplay, with a twist!”


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