Day 435: 8 Ball Pool Champion

Posted: 2012/01/19 in Indie Games

Some games need to do everything right to be great. Some games simply need to take something great and manage to do nothing wrong with it. So it is with “8 Ball Pool Champion”. Most pool games I’ve played suffer for poor controls, poor ball physics, or both. No such problem here, the game has nailed the two most crucial elements of the game, giving us an 80 Microsoft Point no-brainer purchase for pool fans. Optional rebound predicting features also adds value for those trying to pull off the ultimate multi-sink shot.

Is there anything here that will turn people who hate pool into 8-ball lovers? Likely not, but this is an opportunity for the curious to investigate. The game has local multiplayer for up to four people, including humans against computer co-op play. There are multiple levels of AI difficulty, with a suitable range for players of all skill levels. On the highest skill levels, you will definitely have to consider where you’re going to leave the ball for the AI, so there is a challenge there for the experienced players. In the final analysis, it’s the best pool game I’ve played on either XBLIG or XBLA, including more expensive ones that I liked less than 8 Ball Pool Champion.

Here’s what the developer (Maximinus) has to say about the game:

“Classic 8 Ball pool, with 4 player party mode, and cooperative play against the computer. Featuring multi rebound Cheat-O-Laser for insane trickshots!”


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