Day 439: Death N’ Failure

Posted: 2012/01/23 in Indie Games

I recommend “Death N’ Failure” for those who like difficult platformers, and especially for those who appreciate the ability to create their own levels. However, a cat I’ve known for 16 years passed away today, so I’m not in the right headspace for a lengthy review. Like with “I Want Cookie”, this one will have to wait for a longer review down the road. Thank you for your understanding.

Here’s what the developer (MatthewM) has to say about the game:

“You’re going to die. A lot. I mean it. You’ll probably even tear out all your hair and/or smash every Xbox controller you own playing this game. So for your own mental well being, I recommend you don’t play it. After all, you just aren’t good enough… Also includes Avatar Dash for FREE.”


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