Day 441: Alien Super Mega Blaster

Posted: 2012/01/25 in Indie Games

When you see a game with simple (arguably uninspired) box art, a cheesy title (“Alien Super Mega Blaster”), no multiplayer, and screen shots that suggest it’s a simplistic Space Invaders clone, there’s no way it could be any good, right? Well, don’t judge a book by its cover, as this game surprised me.

Unlike most “blast the aliens at the top of the screen” games, “Alien Super Mega Blaster” is different because the aliens themselves are seemingly no threat to you. What *IS* a threat, however, is the debris that comes from shooting them. In fact, it’s possible to visualise yourself as the aggressor in this, shooting aliens that aren’t threatening you, then having to dodge their bloody remains as they cascade down on you. The game makes things more interesting still, as if you shoot an enemy in one of the upper levels, their debris may kill aliens below them, creating a storm of cascading debris that’s just as deadly to you as it is to them. It’s definitely different, and that’s worth 80 of my Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Codheadz Games) has to say about the game:

“Alien Super Mega Blaster a classic retro shooter with a twist. Kill the aliens and avoid the fallout. Maximize your score with mega cascading death to the alien scrum. Over 100 hand crafted levels of blasting fun… how far can you go? All proceeds from this game will be donated to Action Duchenne.”

  1. Hmm, that’s certainly a novel twist. All credit to the developer for that.

    (By the way, ‘Dau 441’ sounds like a World War II thriller. Or, with ‘Alien Super Mega Blaster’ appended, like a 70s Japanese science fiction film.)

    • Thanks for pointing out the typo in the headline, I’ve corrected “Dau” to “Day” now. I enjoy the benefit of being generally a fast and accurate typist, but the detriment of trusting that to the point I rarely (if ever) proofread what I write.

      And I kind of like Dau 441 as a WWII thriller. ;)

  2. David Loves Sandy says:

    Dau 441: ASMB LOVE IT! Now one of those developers out there that venture in here to read these post needs to name their next killer game this but it better be some apocalyptic WWII type game as at least 3 of us will be expecting that. LOL

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