Day 442: Stick Unleashed

Posted: 2012/01/26 in Indie Games

I’m fighting a bad cold and it’s laid me low, so no detailed review today, but I quite enjoyed messing around with “Stick Unleashed” (the sequel to “Stick ‘Em Up”, which I chose not to review). “Stick Unleashed” rises above other stick figure games (including its predecessor) by having multiplayer (both co-op and competitive) and, most especially, a level editor. It’s an OK solo experience, especially since the game incorporates vehicles and turrets to add variety to the type of levels, but a solid 240 Microsoft Point buy for those who’ll take advantage of the multiplayer and level editor features.

Here’s what the developer (WickedWorx) has to say about the game:

“Stick Unleashed is a stickman shooter. Run, duck, jump, wall-jump, and even fly a helicopter on your own, or as a team of up to 4 through the campaign mode! Build your own levels in ‘Stick Create’, or play competitive VS or team VS games!”

  1. Best wishes for cold recovery. I can’t stand that feeling of groggy uselessness that comes with having a cold.

    I quite liked Stick ‘Em Up, though I thought it was flawed. I think I’ve tried this one too, but didn’t realise it had a level editor. Hmmm. This sort of thing would be ideal for my co-op obsessed friend, if only he’d actually try playing indie games.

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