Day 444: Bird Assassin

Posted: 2012/01/28 in Indie Games

This game deserves a longer review than it’s getting right now (my cold is giving me coughing fits, so I’m going to go to bed), but the game is surprisingly good by nailing the can’t miss stuff (tight controls, for example). My goal is to get lengthier reviews of this and “I Want Cookie” tomorrow, since it’s a day off.

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    I loved Bird Assassin as a trial game but never bought the full game. Right now I’m trying really hard to complete some games at least one time through before I buy anymore so I don’t think this one I will buy any time soon. I hope you get feeling better mate. For some reason I can’t fine “I Want Cookie” on the indie channel. That would be a good “non game” article I know you may have seen on other sites but I would be interested in your thoughts. That is how the indie games area and for that matter other games are hard to search for information or “browse”. The indie games are not represented by the new Bing search feature and to scroll through 2285 (current count of indie games) to look for a game is so difficult. The other day I did a sort by release date and wanted to go back and look at the first games that were released and scrolling over the last ones on the list was fast but unfortunately after waiting over an hour the actual first games never showed up. I had to log into the website and do this in order to find what I wanted to see. In fact I just did a sort by title and scrolled over to the “I”‘s to look for “I Want Cookie” as mentioned I didn’t see it this way and just now the pics of the games are starting to show up and it’s been over 15 mins since I started typing this. OK sorry for my rant but this has been bugging me! Why can’t we sort in either direction and why can’t we go to just a certain letter of the alphabet and search or even search by the type of game like we used to be able to. And with that I shall leave the blogging to you my friend as this was never my intention.

  2. David Loves Sandy says:

    Never mind the part about Bing search not working….I did a search the other day for Bloody Checkers and today for I Want Cookie….it was my mistake I suppose….for BloodyCheckers you can’t put a space between the words Bloody and Checkers and it works and today I was able to find I Want Cookie but doing that search for the wrong name of the game and then scrolling over to find the correct name which is U Want Cookie.

  3. You’re right of course, it was a typo “I Want…” instead of “U Want…”, possibly one borne of my inclination not to butcher the English language that way (“U” as a synonym for “You”). When I do reviews I always copy the game’s name off of to eliminate the possibility of a typo, I suppose I should start doing that for comments too. :)

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