Day 445: Cuckoo Crack

Posted: 2012/01/29 in Indie Games

“Cuckoo Crack” plays a bit like a bombing game, but sort of in reverse. Unlike a bomber trying to deploy ordinance to destroy, you’re trying to land eggs in empty nests.

It solves the problem with games like Techno Kitty Adventure and others, which I have all but entirely chosen not to review, as they always seemed to need a little something extra to do. This game has that something extra, and since you’re laying the eggs *as you fly* (with an appropriately humourous express on the poor exhausted bird’s face), the game is appropriately challenging. You need to judge your altitude and momentum relative to your intended target if you’re going to land the egg safely in it. Points are given for every egg successfully landed, but points are deducted for every egg lost, so this is no cake walk. It’s hard at first, ridiculous always, but surprisingly compelling when all is said and done.

Here’s what the developer (Katijuak) has to say about the game:

“Your egg-laying skills will be tested as you fly your Cuckoo bird through the forest. Will you go for the lower, more valuable nests but risk your bird by crashing into trees? Will you play it safe and risk running out of time? Complete all five challenges and claim your awards! We warn you: this game is addictive and fun for the whole family!”


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