Day 425 re-review: “U Want Cookie?”

Posted: 2012/01/30 in Indie Games

I originally reviewed “U Want Cookie?” several weeks ago, but it “didn’t get the review it deserved”. It’s a true hidden gem of the indie games catalogue, and deserves better. Here’s better.

The game has you (and up to three friends in local multiplayer) challenging yourselves to make it through levels hell-bent on killing you to grab the tasty goodness of the level’s goal: a cookie. The array of weapons and obstacles in your path is pretty impressive from laser turrets, to missile launchers firing large volleys at you, to mines, and more. The game plays out quickly, an advantage when trying to dodge lasers and outrun missiles, but a disadvantage when trying to navigate mine fields while trying to dodge and outrun those weapons. Not content with the fast past of the game, the developer has seen fit to insert a speed boost ability, one that must recharge after each use forcing you to consider the tactical lay of the land before using it. Each individual element is simple enough, but the sum total of them is pretty engaging in the final analysis.

Here’s what the developer (AxB) has to say about the game:

“Cookies. Who doesn’t like them? Who wouldn’t do anything to get one? Would you brave a world cluttered with dangerous turrets, mines and other various objects of destruction just to get a taste of that sweet treat? If you do, then go ahead and explore our 100 levels. If you don’t then why not try a game of Crumb Collector, Builders Block or any other of our multiplayer game modes.”


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