Day 448: Satellite

Posted: 2012/02/01 in Indie Games

Borrowing from hardcore ’90s simulation titles, “Satellite” tasks you with operating and building out an orbital space station.

Like classic games of old, you’re building up your energy production capacity, increasing your economic development (including housing and greenhouse modules for the people that come along with that), taking on side missions, and defending yourself against raiders/pirates.

There are piles upon piles of pick-up-and-play platformers, action games, and puzzle offerings in the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, so it was refreshing to find another great simulation to balance that out. It’s easily worth 80 Microsoft Points to anyone looking for a meatier gaming experience, one where even reading the instructions is tough in the 8 minute trial period, and where replay value comes from the fact that experimentation will keep providing clues to better ways to build out the station more quickly and more effectively, as you balance your economic, defence, and logistical needs. Way cheaper than Outpost Kaloki X (a somewhat similar Xbox Live Arcade title that I also recommend).

Here’s what the developer (K73SK) has to say about the game:

“Starting from a small body, build a large satellite in the orbit of any of the four rocky planets of your choice! Be careful, though! Strategy is the *key* to making sure you build a strong satellite. Try to build a satellite and see how good you are to find out what we mean! Choose from either side, being the pirates or the good ol’ federation!”

  1. Alan C says:

    I haven’t played it properly yet, but I had no qualms buying Satellite just based just on the tutorials. Like you, I’m reminded very much of Outpost Kaloki X, which I enjoyed (and need to return to). But for 80 points!

    Yet again, sincere thanks for the heads up. Another very strong game revealed and purchased!

  2. David Loves Sandy says:

    I too haven’t giving this a real good try and I didn’t play the tutorial I just messed around with the game itself for 8 mins and will be buying it after taking the tutorial for free first to double check. I had OKX on an arcade disc but never bought the d/l of it and I enjoyed it but this seems even better then that game that I enjoyed. Thanks to your review I keep buying Indie games!

  3. David Loves Sandy says:

    I bought this game and its so wonderfully frustrating. Thanks for the recommendation as always.

  4. David Loves Sandy says:

    Why isn’t Outpost Kaloki X at the proper price point of 400 points yet. This game is over 6 years since it’s initial release and 800 seems a pit high for this old of a game.

    Just saying!

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