Day 450: The Sugar Killerz

Posted: 2012/02/03 in Indie Games

“The Sugar Killerz” is an enjoyable game that again raises the question of value. Is 400 Microsoft Points a great price versus comparable 800+ MSP XBLA titles, or a bad price versus some fantastic 80 Microsoft Point? I tend to fall into the former camp, I’ve paid 400 points for indie games that blow anyway similar XBLA games that cost 2 or 3 times as much, or that are unlike anything available in XBLA at any price. So I have no problem with paying 400 points for a game I enjoy, and it certainly offers far more value to me than a 1200 point Call of Duty map pack.

“The Sugar Killerz” isn’t exactly like any game I’ve played, but I can compare elements of it to games you may be familiar with. The game controls a bit like a dual-stick shooter, but isn’t limited to an arena. It’s also not limited to scrolling either vertically or horizontally, as it does both. And it scrolls towards the backround (psuedo-3D) at times. The changing perspective reminds me of games like Metal Slug, in fact. Perhaps inspired by the shifting perspective between levels, the direction enemies come at you seems less restricted than a typical side-scrolling shoot-’em-up, which keeps you on your toes.

The premise has you destroying junk food, so it’s kind-of, sort-of got a message behind it, but one easily ignored. Graphics are appealing, with a wide selection of levels and backgrounds (including some with obstacles along the top and bottom of the screen, and others without) and a cinematic feel to the transitions between levels. Enemies are similarly varied, with some amusing touches including some enemies that appear to be holding riot shields (and act as if they’re shielded too). Your AI compatriots are excellent, dealing death very effectively. So much so, you might actually find your friends are not as good as AI teammates, though the included multiplayer offering is appreciated and suits a game like this very well. You have four weapons (selectable with the face buttons) and they feel decidedly different, which is all you can ask for.

Here’s what the developer (Fun Hazard) has to say about the game:

“The Sugar Killerz is the perfect mix of cinematic adventure, CoOperative violence, stunning graphics and great music by AcidRider. Play it with 4 friends or with advanced AI companions. Enjoy this incredible cinematic experience! Official site:”


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