Day 451: CEPINAS

Posted: 2012/02/04 in Indie Games

Now this is interesting. “CEPINAS” has you simultaneously trying to conquer planets while defending conquered planets from enemies trying to take them away from you. The controls take a few liberties with newtonian physics for the sake of playability, but you do have momentum whenever you let off the thrusters so it’s forgiveable.

The planets are so close together that at times it feels almost like the classic territory-control game Qix, but only at times (and never in a bad way. There’s even an upgrade element, where you can spend the income from your conquered planets for upgrades, and for defensive satellites that let you spend more attention on offence. It’s a really neat game, and an easy recommendation for 80 points.

Here’s what the developer (PetrosA) has to say about the game:

“CEPINAS is a sci-fi Space Shooter / Strategy game. Conquer planets with the “CONQ” weapon, defend them against the aggressive invanders and become the new emperor of the universe. Choose wisely your path to victory, become a unstoppable one man Army or make your conquered planets to self-defending battlestations.”

  1. CEPINAS is definitely worth playing, I think. I hadn’t noticed the resemblance to Qix, and it’s an interesting one since I don’t like Qix but I do like this..

    • I wouldn’t say CEPINAS is a Qix clone, or anything close. The two games are subtly similar, but CEPINAS does something a lot more interesting with the base concept, in my opinion, and there’s certainly more going on.

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