Day 456: Ninja Sneaking

Posted: 2012/02/09 in Indie Games

Despite being listed as a “platformer” on the Dashboard, “Ninja Sneaking” reminds me more of a sneak-’em-up. It reminds me of “Tenchu” (a stealth-infused ninja game) or “Prisoner of War” (a last-gen game where you try to escape a POW camp) than it does Super Mario or Sonic. The game sets itself apart with cute, and sometimes cinematic, visuals, and non-violent (yet difficult) gameplay.

Your main task is to trying to avoid being spotted by flashlight/torch-carrying enemies, with you trying to discover safe routes around them, or evade them (the evasions are where the platforming comes in). Special abilities such as climbing on the ceiling and crouching are in evidence, and you’ll need them as you’ll literally have enemies popping out of walls trying to spot intruders (some of your opponents are pretty darn stealthy as well, it would seem, and are apparently ninjas themselves). Environmental obstacles such as spikes are liberally sprinkled around the levels. “Ninja Sneaking” is a great, and largely non-violent, 80 Microsoft Point game.

Here’s what the developer (WINGLAY) has to say about the game:

“Game Over when an enemy finds you.This game is very difficult. Get to the top floor through the traps and enemies sight! Get the fastest clear time! You can practice floors you’ve reached in “Floor training” mode.”


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