Day 457: Jellyfish MD

Posted: 2012/02/10 in Indie Games

“Jellyfish MD” is an interesting beast, a truly 3D puzzle game. You spin the playfield in three dimensions looking for combinations to clear the board, and rather than just having colours dropping from the top of the screen they’re coming from all over.

The accompanying video shows it more clearly than I can easily describe, but imagine spinning a Rubik’s Cube and matching only the face of the cube against the edges of the playfield. It’s a truly unique puzzle game, and nice to see for 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Kevin Costello) has to say about the game:

“Pollution has struck Jellyfish City! Take on the role of the esteemed Dr Jellyfish’s new assistant. Use your powers of perception and spatial reasoning to match up colored bubbles to cure the adorable denizens of Jellyfish City in this unique and challenging puzzle game.”

  1. andregurov says:

    Another great find here, as I would have NEVER tried this game due to the cartoony presentation on XBLIG and the slightly-ridiculous title … but the gameplay is fresh and challenging. The controls take a little while to become second nature but the game seems to know its limitations and plays to its strengths. Well worth a dollar and with a surprising amount of diversity and replayability … thanks for pointing it out! I was hooked well before the trial ended.

    • I love reading comments like this. Helping people discover hidden gems is what this blog is all about. :) Thanks for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed Jellyfish MD! I must admit, having reviewed it over 400 days (and, therefore, over 400 reviews) ago, it was nice to be reminded about it.

      • andregurov says:

        You could probably use a little encouragement now and then, I imagine. 800+ reviews (and counting) take a LOT of time and commitment, and it is appreciated, particularly as there is quite a dearth of reviews for most of the older XBLIG titles. Keep up the good work! Have you ever put together a cheat sheet – a list of “top” titles you enjoyed?

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