Day 458: Andromium

Posted: 2012/02/11 in Indie Games

Mike Ventron, who brought us “Bonded Realities” which I reviewed back on day 194. Now he and Red Crest Studios brings us “Andromium”, a team-based shoot-’em-up with procedurally generated levels and an interesting “hot potato” twist. And if there’re two things I love, they’re procedurally generated levels and games with twists, and I’m not alone (I’m looking at you, Alan C plus Tea).

The game’s music is by Dan Gautreau and Lynne Publishing, and fit the mood for me well. Graphics are simple, but get the job done, and the game doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s the gameplay that’s most interesting, though: the game is co-op through and through, so much so that if you’re playing solo you play with an AI co-op partner. The two of you are transporting an unstable element, while navigating various dangers. You must pass this element back and forth strategically, with the goal of making sure the other person is stuck with it when it explodes. It’s 80 Microsoft Points of simple fun, and always nice to see something unpredictable (via the aforementioned procedurally generated levels) and different.

Here’s what the developer (MikeVentron) has to say about the game:

“Blast through the procedurally generated levels as you and your partner cadet deliver an exceedingly volatile metal – Andromium – to a research lab. Requiring absolute concentration to win, this game will keep you on your toes for every second you play it.”

  1. Ah, my taste has been established! Andromium is a good fit. Simple yet challenging, compulsive, replayable? Works for me. Definitely worth expending some points.

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