Day 459: Bomb Those Wheelers

Posted: 2012/02/12 in Indie Games

Another quirky game that has Mass Deduction (not to mention probably Alan C, and maybe David Loves Sandy) written all over it: “Bomb Those Wheelers”. The game tasks you with protecting your landed mother ship from Earthbound vehicles attempting to wreck it. You have a squadron of four fighters that attack the puny humans, and each one is associated to a face button on your controller. You don’t control each ship’s flightpath, only when they drop their bombs. The game is simply and quirky fun for 80 Microsoft Points, with a neon-drenched art style that is attractive and fits the game well.

Here’s what the developer (Mexond) has to say about the game:

“Use the alien bomb squad to stop the blue wheelers from reaching the mothership. “Neat art style – Good graphics – Very fun – Great price.” – Aaron W –”

  1. This post doesn’t seem to have posted properly yesterday. I can’t say why. I was half through today’s post before I realised!

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