Day 461: Take Arms

Posted: 2012/02/14 in Indie Games

Like the unholy love child of a modern combat first-person shooter, and 2D favourite “ZP2K9”, we have a Indie Games Summer Uprising entry in “Take Arms”. And man, does it deliver.

The game features three classes (selectable not only at the beginning of every match, but also after each death), solo play, online multiplayer for up to 8 players, and system link play. Graphics are impressive, with a more realistic take on things than what you’d expect from Metal Slug and similar titles. This is a great looking game, make no bones about it.

Gameplay is simple and addictive, with that “just one more turn” element that keeps you coming back for more. Levels offer multiple paths and are relatively varied (even if there are only three of them). This was great value at 240 Microsoft Points, but is just ridiculously good at its new price of 80 MSP. I’d wax poetic about it in more detail but it’s Valentine’s Day and my girlfriend’s waiting for me. :)

Here’s what the developer (Discord Games) has to say about the game:

“2D is back with friends! Battle it out over Xbox LIVE with up to 8 players. Play as three unique classes: the quick and light Striker, the slow and heavy Destroyer, or the middle-ground Grunt. Dominate three diverse locales and three game modes (DM, TDM, & CTF). Practice in solo mode against bots with multiple difficulty levels. Track your experience as you gain ranks and earn badges.”


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