Day 464: Prank Call

Posted: 2012/02/17 in Indie Games

This may be a controversial pick in some people’s minds, but I think this game is so damn innovative that it’s worthy of consideration. “Prank Call” is an online multiplayer game where you are matched up with other players, each of you sharing the same purpose: get the other to say your secret word. What’s neat about the game is that the two of you have to do this dance together, where you’re trying to get the person to say your word, as they’re trying to get you to say a different secret word. It’s definitely different, and should appeal to people who enjoy charades, Pictionary, and other such games. Those are the positives (along with its 80 Microsoft Point price). One negative for some people is that, like with any online game, you might run into some griefers (people just looking to give other people grief, just for the sake of it), but if I let that stop me I would never play any game online.

This would be one game in your collection that I am pretty sure is unlikely any other, and for that alone it’s worth featuring.

Here’s what the developer (Neil Jones) has to say about the game:

“It’s time to trick the world in the ultimate Prank Call Game. You have to think fast as you try and out smart other xbox live players to complete your mission first.”


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