Day 465: “Endless Midnight: Zombie Swarm”

Posted: 2012/02/18 in Indie Games

I really enjoyed “Quad Force”, a game that turned zombie shooters on their heads by focusing on a fog of war mechanic that made it stand out. “Endless Midnight: Zombie Swarm” is similar, but whereas QF offers a sense of exploration and really comes into its own when playing four player multiplayer, EM:ZS is an arena shooter and focuses on being a great singleplayer experience with an extensive shop of weapons to choose from between levels, if you can afford the upgrades. If the former doesn’t appeal to you, the latter will, and both are 80 Microsoft Points.

I can’t stress enough how much the fog of war mechanic changes the game, for the better. It actually becomes scary, with you having to divide your attention between taking down zombies and nervously looking around with your flashlight to make sure no one’s sneaking up on you. Alan Wake would be proud.

Here’s what the developer (tgfcoder) has to say about the game:

“Blast your way through a horde of zombies with a top-notch arsenal! Compete for high scores and gain a variety of medals through challenging game modes.”


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