Day 467: Conquest

Posted: 2012/02/20 in Indie Games

OK, let’s get the obvious out of the way. The presentation of this game is a little rough. Graphics whores should leave now. OK, as for the rest of you, let’s move on. “Conquest” is a game where you take control of key points on the map and keep an eye to your opponent (who’s trying to do the same). Do you focus on taking more control points, or do you try to take your opponent’s away from them?

The only game along these lines I’d previously played was Star Wars: Clone Wars for the original Xbox. I loved it and was looking for a game like that. The game lets you build turrets to defend conquered points, produce AI tanks to keep the enemy busy so that they’re not trying to take away your control points, and the game forces you to divide your time between offence and defence as circumstances dictate. It’s a fluid game that forces you to stay on your toes, and well worth the 80 Microsoft Points to me.

Here’s what the developer (Jason Keiderling) has to say about the game:

“Conquest is a live action vehicle combat game with real time strategy elements. Your goal is to destroy your opponents base before they destroy yours. You can build defense turrets and construct AI controlled drones that you can command to help you accomplish this.”


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