Day 468: Hedge Wizard

Posted: 2012/02/21 in Indie Games

“Hedge Wizard” is a puzzle game where you control both a peasant and a wand, having the peasant collect gold while the wand uses magic to clear the path, such as using earthquakes to clear away mountains and using floods to quell forest fires, among other things. There’s even a “redo” command masking as time-control magic, which is a nice touch. The game is simple fun with some decent level design, and an occasionally warped sense of humour. An 80 Microsoft Point game that’s recommended for puzzle game fans.

Here’s what the developer (Zombie Bonsai) has to say about the game:

“You and your loyal servant wander the world seeking out the only thing all wizards truly love: gold. Use your spells, wits and helpful local peasants to get the gold before the village or your tower is burned, flooded, buried, eaten by zombies or in some other way horribly destroyed. The game includes over twenty puzzling levels.”


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