Day 470: Refractor

Posted: 2012/02/23 in Indie Games

“Refractor” is like the results of an orgy between Hexic, Lumines, and an item-drop game like Tetris. You have the gem-spinning mechanic from Hexic, you have the item dropping of Tetris, and the neon-drenched/pounding club music of Lumines. It all adds up to something that felt pretty fresh for me.

The game’s checking off a lot of the right boxes, with singleplayer, competitive multiplayer, co-op multiplayer, special hexes (including one that clears all hexes of a given colour), and solid presentation backstopped by 1080P graphics. A great way to spend 80 Microsoft Points, in my opinion.

Here’s what the developer (CurbDog Media Inc) has to say about the game:

“Refractor is an insanely addictive action puzzle experience in glorious eye popping 1080p that is both approachable and challenging for the pros. The killer visuals and custom soundtrack adjust to in-game progress. Experience the rush in single-player mode, cooperative mode, or crush your friends to bitter destruction in battle.”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    Another “Gem” found by Steve!

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