Day 471: The Bomber

Posted: 2012/02/24 in Indie Games

“The Bomber” is an interesting game (though I can’t guess where the title comes from, since you’re in a tank, not a bomber), but harder than it looks. Gameplay has you shooting ballons to drop money (necessary to complete levels and to rank up) and ammo (to, well, replenish your ammo). You can’t shoot indiscriminantly because of the limited ammo, and also the fact that shooting the crates destroys them (and possibly you). The game plays out a bit like a mobile version of Missile Command, paired with oh, I don’t know, maybe Balloon Fight.

Just when you think you’ve got the game nailed down, it throws in balloons that move laterally to avoid your shots. The game’s refreshingly hard, without feeling so hard it’s frustrating. Some of the balloons drop hazardous materials that must be handled with care upon landing on the ground, forcing you to divide your attention between airborne and ground-based concerns. Some have to be defused on the ground, others have to be shot down before a timer runs down in the air. By the later levels you’re racing around like crazy, carefully shooting, frantically collecting, and it’s all a whole lot of fun. It surprised me, as I wasn’t expecting something nearly as good as this from the box art. 240 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (RandaSlayer) has to say about the game:

“The Bomber is an arcade-style 2D shooter. Shoot down airballoons with your tank and collect the goods to increase your rank! The game features 12 single-player levels and 4 unlockable challenges.”


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