Day 473: UpBot Goes Up

Posted: 2012/02/26 in Indie Games

“UpBot Goes Up” is an ingenious block pushing game. Rather than pushing the blocks themselves, you *are* the blocks. The blocks (there are generally more of them as you go up through the levels) are all colour-coded to match the four face buttons of the Xbox 360’s controller, and they also have directions on top of them. Hit the corresponding face button, and every block of that colour moves in its direction. This leads to sometimes challenging, often fascinating, juggling to get the blocks onto the designated tile. The game doesn’t rest on its laurels, adding tunnels and good level design to keep it interesting to the end, all the while avoiding the claustrophobic feel of a lot of block pushing games. Easily worth the 240 points asking price.

Here’s what the developer (IshiEiketsu) has to say about the game:

“>> The bots must reach their launch pads. They can only move in one direction, but luckily, they’re good at working together! An easy to learn, hard to master puzzle game. >> Portals! 60 levels! Excellent music! Colour-blind mode! One-button mode!”


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