Day 474: Avatar Legends

Posted: 2012/02/27 in Indie Games

Well, you had to know I was going to review this eventually. “Avatar Legends” isn’t perfect, but it is a surprisingly ambitious game that largely succeeds and delivers something worthy of its 240 Microsoft Points price tag (especially given the included editing tools that let you create levels and modify various elements of the game).

The game does feature online play (and system link for good measure), but it also has a wealth of singleplayer content. In that way it’s more Dungeon Siege than it is Skyrim (exclusively singleplayer) or World of Warcraft (essentially exclusively multiplayer). It’s also a little less massively multiplayer than the Phantasy Star Online-esque “Avatar Adventurers Online”. In that sense, it’s filling a niche that needs filling.

Don’t hold the avatars against this game, it’s got solid underpinnings and the ability to expand the included content through editing tools, and is worth checking out if you’re an RPG.

Here’s what the developer (Barkers Crest Studio) has to say about the game:

“Slay monsters and cast spells with your Avatar! Create and share worlds over Xbox LIVE with the RPG Builder. Features: 10+ hour adventure, 6 player LIVE multiplayer, unlockable titles, global highscores, multiplayer map builder and sharing, and much more! Save the world with your Avatar today! Avatar Legends is for gamers of all ages and skill levels. Limited Time only 240msp.”

  1. Avatar Legends is one I’ve considered many times, but I was concerned that it would be either badly executed or only half an hour long.

    • The exact opposite is true. The game world is big enough that the developer had to implement a fast-travel system. Most reviewers seem to peg the game at 10+ hours, from what I’ve seen (I haven’t completed it yet, so don’t have a total yet, hard to complete a game that big in a one-day review cycle!). And the game’s gorgeous looking and implemented well on the whole. Easily worth 240 points, if you ask me.

  2. David Loves Sandy says:

    Thanks again Steve…I too have consider it many times and d/l the demo at least 3 different times that I know of and tried it (I don’t keep demos on my hard drive) maybe now will be the time that I actually pick it up. I’m not as ambitious as you when it comes to a game a day however I do have well over 75 games that I need to complete and haven’t done so yet including Skyrim so sometimes it’s hard to buy that one more game but always seem to do so. It’s the ADHD I tell you! LOL

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