Day 479: Monsters In Neon Space

Posted: 2012/03/03 in Indie Games

An extreme case of truth in advertising, “Monsters In Neon Space” features your shooting monsters in neon space. What sets this apart from a lot of side-scrolling shooters (aside from the dramatic and attractive visual style) is the raw speed the game plays out at. It also features upgradeable weapons (bombs and guns), but rather than power-ups and upgrades being automatic they must be purchased which adds an appreciated touch of strategy.

This is one 80 Microsoft Point game that’s easy to enjoy. I often don’t enjoy bullet hell shoot-’em-ups as much as more traditional shmups, truth be told, and I appreciate this game’s focus on speed rather than massive ordinance to make it difficult. Environmental threats also add a nice touch, and the levels run an extremely wide gamut.

Here’s what the developer (Monster Bite Games) has to say about the game:

“In this space shooter you will destroy hordes of space monsters using your choice of three different upgradable guns and bombs along with other upgradable abilities. These abilities will give you the edge to survive through the monsters’ space and their planet. If you think you’re up for it play through the game on hard difficulty using the powerful but dangerous gravity bomb.”


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