Day 480: Dead Pixels

Posted: 2012/03/04 in Indie Games

What if you merged NES classic River City Ransom, with modern survival shooters? You’d get “Dead Pixels”, and it’s awesome.

Look past the Left 4 Dead visuals and the non-stop references to zombie pop culture, and you’ll find some surprising elements. For one, the levels are actually procedurally generated, so they’re different every play through. The game has limited resources (ala Resident Evil) forcing you to be circumspect about what weapons/items you use, and when. As for weapons, there are a fair variety of them and they’re well balanced (there’s no so-called “BFG”). The game’s presentation is designed to make it look like film (rather than video), as if you were playing a classic zombie movie (one curiously filmed using 8-bit machinima), an odd choice that actually looks pretty charming in the final analysis. If you don’t like the film-like filters, you can turn them off, so it’s all upside to have them. The game’s definitely unique. The icing on the cake is that the game has character customisation (ie. build up a fast character, increase weapon power, build up one with high hit points, etc.)

A strong recommendation for 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (CantStrafeRight) has to say about the game:

“When The Dead Start Walking, It’s Time To Run.”

  1. I have yet to review their first indie game, Super Tank Run, because I found the replay simply wasn’t there. It’s unfortunate because I actually really enjoy it, and the cheesy opening theme is actually really catchy too, but I usually have had my fill before the 8 minute trial is up. That said, that game is also worth checking out (click the link to their website in the article if you’re interested).

  2. Dead Pixels is a fantastic game. Not to mention the recent addition of two new game modes that almost double the size of the game – for free!

  3. @SuperDiki says:

    Dead pixels is brilliant, sad if its no longer in the top 50.

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