Day 481: Avatar Fantasy RPG

Posted: 2012/03/05 in Indie Games

More an RPG-ish hack-and-slash than it is Skyrim, “Avatar Fantasy RPG” is old-school.

Gameplay is straight to the point: wander around, open chests, fight monsters, and the like. The game has a lot of atmospheric charm, and succeeds by not taking itself too seriously. More likely to appeal to the Gauntlet Legends fan than a fan of Bethesda’s games, this 80 Microsoft Point game is worth checking out as long as you approach it with the right set of expectations.

Here’s what the developer (AwesomeGamesStudio) has to say about the game:

“Fight with monsters, cast powerful spells, loot magic items and save the innocent. Do it all playing as your Xbox LIVE Avatar! There’s also special difficulty for hardcore gamers. All that for only 80 MSP!”


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