Day 482: Xtremes vs Zombies

Posted: 2012/03/06 in Indie Games

“Xtremes vs Zombies” is a game that seems kind of tedious at first, but see it through a little further and the true fun of it is revealed.

The game is an arena combat game, where you play as a customisable fighting robot against hordes of zombies. At first smashing zombies seems a bit dull, but between levels you get to customise/upgrade your robot, and there’s some fun anticipation of imagining how an upgrade might deal destruction. There’s a crazy subplot about saving DNA for future generations, but that’s forgettable and easily ignorable. It’s not exactly “Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts”, but is a fun game of customisation and combat once you get into it a ways.

Here’s what the developer (Golconda) has to say about the game:

“2012 Apocalypse ended the lives of many on this planet. The feeble survivors assembled wrecks and created Xtremes in their war against the rising zombie hordes. Features two compelling modes Classic and Survival with special powers. Will you lead these amazing Xtremes in this last World War?”

  1. This looks a great game I”d love to try.

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