Day 483: Tacticolor

Posted: 2012/03/07 in Indie Games

I wish I’d heard about this one a lot earlier. “Tacticolor” is a bit like Risk… reimagined in real-time… with multiplayer (local and online) for up to 4 players… with a unique art style… all for 80 Microsoft Points.

Hopefully most of you are off to boot up your Xboxes right now, having already bought it off the Xbox web site. For those who still need convincing, the real time nature of the game is a real game-changer (though less for for those who played the PC game “Risk 2” which also had a real-time mode). The game has an impressive array of options and game modes (including the ability to change the size of the game world), and the inclusion of multiplayer is great (especially that it’s both local and online multiplayer). The inclusion of neutral territories at the start of a match is also not one seen in every game of its type. Readers of this site know that I’m always interested to see unique graphical motifs, and this one has it. I’m a big fan of fast, real-time strategy games that put an emphasis on streamlined play like this, and it’s a no brainer IMO for only 80 MSP.

Here’s what the developer (errcw) has to say about the game:

“A fast-paced real-time strategy game about conquering the world. Play against the computer or your friends in this epic battle of tactics and tension.”

  1. Eric says:

    Hey, I’m the developer of Tacticolor. I really appreciate the kind words and I’m super glad you had fun with my game!

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