Day 485: Ricochet Assassin Lost Levels

Posted: 2012/03/09 in Indie Games

Way back on Day 409 I reviewed “Ricochet Assassin”. It was an awesome mashup of physics puzzler and sadistic humour. Well, “Ricochet Assassin Lost Levels” is more of the same with new levels, and with one new trick up its sleeve (exploding arrows). The first was so good that a new set of levels is all I needed to buy it, with any bonus features being just that (a bonus). Easy to recommend this 80 Microsoft Point gem.

Here’s what the developer (TheJKer) has to say about the game:

“Ricochet Assassin Lost Levels is a Bowman Hybrid. You are an Assassin armed with a Bow and Explosive tipped arrows. Bouncing your arrows off of walls using the correct trajectory will turn your target into a flurry of smoke, fire and gore! Test your skill in 30 levels of mind bending ricochets and challenge a friend through 10 competitive two player levels.”


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