Day 487: Topochopper

Posted: 2012/03/11 in Indie Games

Remember Airwolf, the fanciful ’80s action show where an advanced military helicopter could not only shoot down everything in its path, but it could fly to Libya and points beyond without even having to refuel? Well, like a crazy (yet non-violent) mashup between Airwolf and Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego, comes “Topochopper”.

This is an edutainment game that’s surprisingly fun and action focused. Where most edu-tainment titles would give you hints if you get stuck, this game gives you power-ups instead. Timed levels make sure the game is challenging, as does the necessity to use the power-ups sparingly. It’s worth noting that it looks a lot better than your typical edutainment game too. It’s a winner.

Here’s what the developer (E-Bouma) has to say about the game:

“Fly your helicopter to target cities within a given amount of time. Gaining money, time and knowledge with every city you find. Use items such as speedboosts and cityfinders to help complete the levels. Go get the #1 highscore !”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    I had d/l this demo about a week ago and really enjoyed it for an edutainment game. This type of game serves a specific niche not found anyplace else except independent games anymore and I applaud their efforts here. I would have bought this game had I had a child in the house that could benefit from its message. (In fact I could use some brushing up in my geography but wouldn’t have much practical use for it at my age LOL)

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