Day 492: Trigger Finger

Posted: 2012/03/16 in Indie Games

More “Hogan’s Alley” than it is Virtua Cop or Call of Duty, “Trigger Finger” takes the virtual shooting gallery concept to a pretty impressive ultimate conclusion. The game succeeds by the addition of a host of upgrades and unlockables, including my personal favourite the riot shield, which takes it from a simple kill or be killed game into something with a bit more strategy to it. Other upgrades and improvement include improved aiming speed, increased maximum ammo, improved health, and a host of weapons that can be earned.

For interest, here is a video of Hogan’s Alley for those who don’t know:

In short, take gaming classic Hogan’s Alley, give it a huge graphical upgrade, add equipment upgrades and options, add upgrades reminiscent of “Perks” from Call of Duty, and sell it for only 80 Microsoft Points, and you have “Trigger Finger”. If that’s not at least worth a trial, I don’t know what is.

Here’s what the developer (Lighthouse Games Studio) has to say about the game:

“Kill or be killed in this intense Shooter. Use multiple weapons and upgrades to forge the ultimate strategy that best suits your style of play. Push your aim and reaction times to the limit as you crush your friends and compete against the world.”


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