Day 493: Astro Tempest

Posted: 2012/03/17 in Indie Games

This is a simple, yet fun, game that first came out at 240 Microsoft Points and maybe, despite its charms, was a bit overpriced in the eyes of XBLIG fans. If it wasn’t before, with a drop to 80 Microsoft Points “Astro Tempest” is definitely worth a look now.

The game has a neat hook: you try to stop asteroids in geosynchronous orbit over a major city, and any asteroids you miss in space are added to the ones you have to fight off in the subsequent ground-based defence. The game has gratuitously over-the-top upgrades/power-ups that are immensely satisfying. The game’s all the better for not taking itself too seriously.

Here’s what the developer (Hardcore Techies Game Studios) has to say about the game:

“Astro Tempest is a fast pace arcade style game with modern enhancements such as high definition graphics and 3D elements. Use your ships advanced navigation and weapons systems to hunt down and blowup asteroids. Prevent them from destroying major cities such as New York and Tokyo. Collect ship upgrades to help fight the battle. Each level becomes progressively more difficult with new challenges!”


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