Day 494: Monster Escape

Posted: 2012/03/18 in Indie Games

My first “explore the maze, find the key, escape the level” kind of game was Chip’s Challenge on the Atari Lynx handheld. There have been a lot of such games since. What makes “Monster Escape” different than others I’ve played is that in addition to the normal assortment of enemies to avoid, and the typical objectives (find egg, carry egg to exit), the game requires you to place blocks to complete the level. This adds a new dimension to the puzzling, and (importantly) offers the potential for multiple solutions to levels which enhances replay value. 80 Microsoft Points for this creative and stylish puzzler.

Here’s what the developer (Pixel Polish Games) has to say about the game:

“Monster Escape is an action-puzzle hybrid where players navigate their monsters safely through levels. Along the way they must make a pathway with puzzle pieces to connect the landscape and avoid a variety of enemies. Each level requires a new approach while still allowing multiple solutions.”


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